Referral Program

Thank you for being a valued customer. As a token of our appreciation of your business we are launching a referral program. Share your experience by referring Green Recycling Solutions Re-Mulch and receive a credit on your next mulch order.

What Will you Receive if you Refer a Friend?

You will receive a $100 Credit off your upcoming mulch order.

How Does It Work?

The referral program is valid through April 15th, 2020 to August 31st, 2020. If you refer a new customer to Green Recycling Solutions during this timeframe, you will receive $100 credit towards your next mulch order. 
The referal must be a new customer to Green Recycling Solutions Re-Mulch. This new client must order a minimum of 80 yards of any color mulch we have to offer that include chocolate, red, and blonde. 

All referals must be communicated to Sales at 910.750.4424 to verify that referral is indeed a new customer. Credit is only applicable to new customers who have not previously ordered Green Recycling Solutions Re-Mulch. Sales will coordinate with Billing to confirm upcoming credit.